Borough of Poole

Unauthorised Encampments

Please use this form to report:

  • An unauthorised encampment

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  • Exact location
  • Approximately how many caravans there are
  • How long have they been there
  • Please check the list of unauthorised encampments below, if already reported there is no need to inform us.

To find out what we can, and cannot do, about Unauthorised Encampments please read our FAQs.

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This list was last updated on:
21 Apr 2017


Baiter Park
There is currently an unauthorised encampment consisting of 4 caravans at Baiter Park, the travellers were previously at Kingland Road car park.
An application to court was made today (21st) for an eviction order this was granted and served on the travellers this afternoon the travellers have 24 hours to leave the site.

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