Borough of Poole

Help the campaign for a Fairtrade Poole

We hope that you will help the campaign by completing this survey, to provide evidence in supporting Poole’s campaign for Fairtrade status for Poole.

Fair Processing Statement:

The information you provide will be collected and used by the Borough of Poole and the Fairtrade Steering Group for Poole to support the campaign for Fairtrade status and to create an online directory of where FAIRTRADE Mark products are available which will be hosted on the Poole Partnership and Borough of Poole websites.
It will only be retained for as long as required for these purposes. Your information may be shared with third parties associated with this campaign.
By providing this information, you are consenting to its use as detailed above. For further information about the use of this information please contact or contact the Council’s Data Protection Officer –

Completing the feedback form
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