Borough of Poole

Access To Leisure and Learning

Thank you for choosing to apply online.

You will need to have the following to hand in order to complete this form:

  • Details of your eligibility including any relevant reference numbers (e.g. housing benefit reference or national insurance number). The Borough of Poole will verify any eligibility details you provide.
  • A digital colour photo of yourself and relevant family members (if applying for family membership). If these are not provided then you will need to send colour photo(s) to us in the mail, which we need to receive before we can complete processing your membership application.
  • A valid debit or credit card.

If you are joining on behalf of a large group (such as a residential home, a special school or day centre), you will need to apply using the group membership form to proceed with your application.

Which type of membership do you wish to apply for? *Help IconChildren must be aged between 3 and 15 years to be eligible for a child membership. If you are aged 16 or over you must apply for an adult membership. Family membership includes spouse/partner and children (including those under 3 yrs) providing they are all living with the main applicant
Which type of membership do you wish to apply for?
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