Borough of Poole

Missed Bin

Use this form to report a missed domestic bin. If a bin is missed due to operational issues or a fault we will endeavour to return before your next collection date. Collections take place until 11pm. Crews work in the dark so please ensure bins are visible:

  • A missed green waste collection, missed refuse (black) or recycling (blue) collection
  • A missed communal bin in a block of flats
  • If you wish to report a missed trade bin collection, please go to the Commercial Missed Bin page

We will only respond to your report if made within 2 working days of the missed collection

The following is a list of current streets (or parts of streets) which have not been collected on their normal collection day.

If your road is listed - then we will be aware of the missed collection and there is no need to report your missed bin collection at this time.
This list was last updated on:
16 Jan 2017
Hounslow Close / Rockley Mews
Refuse. The crew could not gain access to this road due to some cars parked at the entrance to this road. They returned later but they still could not access this road. We will attempt to service this tomorrow (Tuesday 17th).

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