Borough of Poole

Litter or Sweeping Request

Litter on private land is the responsibility of the occupier/owner. Please do not report issues on private land unless you have evidence of the person causing the issue or you are unable to contact the landowner. Please use this form to report litter which is affecting either:

  • Beaches
  • Streets, Footpaths, Shrub Beds, Planters, Open Spaces
  • Verges, Central Reservation, Roundabouts, Car Parks
  • Private Land

In order to complete this form you will need the following information:

  • Your contact details (optional)
  • What type of location is being affected by the litter
  • Nearest street or road
  • Exact location of litter
  • Description of the litter

To progress through the form click the Next button. If you need to change any details in a previously completed page, click the Previous button (do not press the browser Back button). Once you have completed all of the pages click Submit.

Fields marked with a red * need to be completed.

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